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beatrix bitrot @bea

done testing for now

account domain blocks are now in master and seem to be working as intended

functionality is like a silence

you will still see in your home timeline toots from people you follow on a blocked domain

you will not see in your federated timeline any toots from people on a blocked domain

you can follow and be followed by people on a blocked domain as usual

thus the primary function of this feature is to hide toots from certain domains from your federated timeline

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@bea what about boosts? can you see posts from a blocked domain from an account you don't follow if they're boosted into your feed?

@chr i don't think boosts go in the FTL anyway?

@bea and it works like a sandbox for mentions. only see from ones you follow

@bea I think then the feature shouldn't be called "blocks" but rather "filter" (or something of the sort) or else it will confuse people who haven't read this.

@bea @frank Or just "domain mutes" to keep the terminology consistent.