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content warnings are like the subject lines of emails but less stressful

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[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] the glitching hour begins~

cybre.space registrations are now open!

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'The #UK has suffered a humiliating defeat at the #UN United Nations general assembly in a vote over #decolonisation and its residual hold over disputed territory in the Indian Ocean .... Among #EU members who abstained were France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Greece and Finland

...The UK has promised to return the #ChagosIslands to #Mauritius when they are no longer needed for defence purposes, but has refused to give a date...'


I should toot less and read more.
Feel like I got too comfy and forgot be mindful.
Or maybe keep the absurdity on another account.

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@Vigdis it is something else to learn on top of learning mongo.
I'm nan implying that JS is bad

me after seeing the spelling mistake Show more

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hop openvpn SECURITY UPDATE right NAOW !

@Vigdis it is hard if it is the only/first document based dabate you use.
When you inherit a mysql database you know how to look at it (shema) and there is plenty of tools inside and outside the db to help you.
It is still lacking a lot of these tools when I last looked at it.

If you don't know what you will store and how things will change mongo/nosql makes your life way better because you don't need migrations anymore.
Also, javascript

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*Why the #Ethereum Flash Crash Isn’t Surprising, and What It Means for Crypto*

"Wednesday, the price of #Ether “flash-crashed” by over 99.9% in less than a second on #GDAX, one of the largest #cryptocurrency exchanges. This was due to a multi-million dollar sell order being placed on the exchange. Because the exchange did not have enough buy orders on its books to accommodate a sell this large,"


@BigFatFae your Tarot of the Fae looks so cool.
I cannot wait to read more

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Tarot of the Fae - Suits Show more

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┃ in
┃╱╲ this
╱ ╭╮ ╲ house
▏ ┗┛▕
ʷᵉ ᵃʳᵉ ᵛ ˢᵐᵒᶫ

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Tarot of the Fae - WIP - Forces Show more

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Tarot of the Fae - WIP - Actors Show more