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GCU Prosthetic Conscience @gcupc

Medium, I never want to open a post in your app. I have a perfectly functional web browser that I can use to read said post.

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@KitRedgrave yeah, I hate it, but ssb is written in it, and there's no specification that would allow a simple implementation in something else.

@KitRedgrave a herd of moose
a murder of crows
a startup of white men

@gravezwave Nice. But when you post video links, could you put a title? Normally I'm pretty hesitant to follow bare YouTube links.

boss, while rummaging around in the cabinets behind my desk: it's ominous back here

@noelle I just wish there were an interface for hg that was as good as magit. I like hg better overall, but the equivalent of git add -i is so much better in magit.

Good morning, . Not feeling well this morning, so no . instead.


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So tumblrs just decided to put everything lesbian related under a "sensitive media" warning, and like all other social medias, nazis, porn, white supremacists etc. are not sensitive in any way. But lesbians being positives about themselves is sensitive.

@elizafox @gcupc Things like https://www.redneckrevolt.org

Leftists are notoriously fractious, and that's because whereas the right is mostly about the (often semi-fictionalized) past, as in "just do it like the Bible says" or "capitalism is all there is, just follow the blueprint", leftism is typically more about the future and the future is an unknown landscape. There are differing opinions about what the future should look like. Should we keep nation states? Is party politics useful or harmful? Will money continue to be necessary? How can we get rid of wars forever? How do we live sustainably, without destroying the planet? How do we best overcome well known failure modes such as identity politics or racism or nationalism?