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beatrix bitrot @bea

@Gotterdammerung @tipsytentacle where did this come from?!

anyway i appreciate it!

y'all make it easy though <3

@squ1rrel sooooooooo

if you're driving

does that make me the griffin to your nick?~!

@whitequark so just like... regular cat stuff then

@squ1rrel there was a slow query introduced in 1.4.4 that may be cause online


ok finally out of bed and updating this damn thing

@squ1rrel afaik this is a wontfix in mainline because quote tweeting is so often used for dogpiling

@squ1rrel @noelle ya, it's for the clients more than the servers

@noelle @squ1rrel it reduces the size of the client significantly as well IIRC