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Charlotte โœ…๐Ÿ’œ KSC @LottieVixen

In case y'all didn't hear, the Girl Scouts of America are now starting to give out Cyber security badges out that girls can earn while they learn to be the next best thing in tech.
Fuck yeah girls scouts.

@u2764 facebook has been found to not roll out the pride flag in countries that don't have support for the lgbt community...might be misworded but its a selective rollout

Everything on satellites seems to mention a set top box of some sort to pre-process the signal (cool) but then they don't mention linking...gah erm....hmm instructables maybe?

@cyrinsong thought of downloading stuff from them seems pretty cool too :p

I really want to get into satellite tracking and scanning

holy fuck this progress on mesh networking idea of connecting remote communities, I'm so excited!
working with @garbados

@TrollDecker hmm I've had an idea, when/if I make it big, get money to give those in worse off situation rPIs

I really want to get a raspberry pi 3...sah expensive.